How to Create a Simple, Authentic Marketing Strategy & Get Consistent Clients

Without Wasting All Your Time/Energy Creating Content

Does marketing your online service provider/coaching business feel like a mystery to you? Here's how to create a marketing plan that works for you and your lifestyle, without any social media fluff or time wasted.

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How to Grow Your Business on Social Media by Forgetting Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Following Trends or Algorithms

Yep, you read that right. Here's how to NOT stress about trends or algorithms and still have dream clients in your DMs, asking how to work with you. Sigh of relief, right?


How Stripping Down Your Marketing Strategy Actually Creates More Consistent Income

A simple, authentic marketing strategy is really all you need. Here's how to create a marketing plan that works for you and your lifestyle, without any fluff or time wasted.


How to Sign Ideal, Aligned Clients By Letting Your Content Do the Selling For You

Marketing becomes so much easier when you can let your content do the work for you. Here's how to make content that sells and is actually enjoyable to create.

Meet Chelsea.

Hi there!! My name is Chelsea Airola, and I'm a marketing strategist, mentor and social media expert. Throughout the past 8 years, I've worked in marketing in some capacity. First, managing marketing & content departments on the brand side, running social media accounts, planning events, creating content, and everything in between. For the past two years, I've owned my business, working with some of your favorite influencers and other business owners, skyrocketing their marketing strategies and social media presences.

Today, I take all my knowledge from my marketing experience and give it to you. I help business owners build thriving marketing and content strategies to help them scale, grow and make consistent income - sustainably. If you've been struggling with getting your business out there and wondering what you're doing wrong in your content, I can't wait to help you grow your business with an effective framework.

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